Special Assets

Bank Special Assets include: Childcare Centers in trouble, Pre-Foreclosure, and Foreclosed centers.

Commercial Lenders, are you looking for a solution for handling the Childcare Centers in your loan portfolio that have difficulty making their loan payments?

Do you have any Childcare business accounts that may be in trouble financially?

Do you have any that are now distressed loans, non-performing loans, or other special assets?

Are any Childcare centers behind on their mortgage payments or have defaulted on the loan?

Do you have any that are in foreclosure or pre- foreclosure?

If you do, we can help… We are Childcare Brokers. We have sold over a dozen childcare centers, and can help your bank reduce any potential loss on your childcare center loan portfolio.

As you know, Childcare businesses are unique. Because of floor plan and playground requirements for day care centers, the real estate has a best use as a childcare center. It is usually difficult to convert to any other business activity in a financially feasible way.

We can market these Childcare centers. We market all opportunities to a database of over 600 buyers that have specifically looked to buy childcare businesses through Childcare Brokers over the last 7 years. We have formed relationships with over a dozen other business broker firms in other states that also specialize in selling childcare centers so that we can market our centers for sale to the widest audience… So, we help sell childcare centers throughout the Southeastern USA.

We would like to offer our services to help you with any of your troubled childcare center accounts.

Contact us when:

  • You are looking for a broker to sell a foreclosed childcare center
  • You believe the current childcare center owner should sell the center (pre-foreclosure) and you want to refer an experienced childcare broker to the business owner.

With your SBA loan portfolio, are your High Risk Loans adversely affecting your Lender’s Risk Ranking?

If you work at a bank but do not have responsibility for Special Assets or Delinquent Loans, please refer us to the person in your bank who is responsible for this area.

JayWhitney@ChildcareBrokers.com 770-410-7582

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