Where We Find Childcare Buyers

Our goal when we market a childcare center is to find all potential buyers so that our client gets the highest and best price. All marketing is done confidentially so that no one can identify that it is your childcare center that is for sale. To find potential buyers, the places we look include:

  • Advertising on websites that list businesses for sale
  • Marketing to our existing database of buyers that have specifically expressed an interest in childcare centers
  • Marketing to business brokers in Georgia
  • Marketing to business brokers in other states that specialize in Childcare.
  • Existing Childcare Center owners in the state and larger childcare center chains on a national basis
  • Childcare Center directors
  • Childcare industry associations and conferences
  • Owner’s of related type businesses like tutoring centers
  • Childcare center consultants
  • Accountants (they may know clients interested in buying a childcare center)
  • Attorneys
  • Personal financial planners
  • Real estate appraisers who have done many childcare centers
  • Commercial Bankers (they have potential buyers talk to them to get pre-qualified for a loan)
  • Suppliers of childcare center products (they may know centers who want to grow)
  • Childcare Franchisors
  • Advertising in childcare industry publications and websites
  • Advertising in Neighborhood publications

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