Financing & Refinancing Childcare Centers

We Finance Childcare Centers!
Reduce Your Interest Rate By 1.25% To 2.25% By Refinancing!

By refinancing a $1.0 million outstanding loan balance, Childcare Brokers can typically save a borrower $75k to $300k in interest expense over the remaining life of a childcare center loan by lowering the interest rate, or reduce the borrower’s monthly loan payments by $1,000 to $2,500 per month.

Lower Interest Rates & Lower Monthly Loan Payments

  • If your childcare center currently has a SBA 7(a) loan at a high interest rate or a variable interest rate  (most SBA loans to childcare centers are at the Prime Rate +2.25% to +2.75%), Childcare Brokers can help you refinance your loan to low or very low interest rate or a fixed interest rate as low as 3.2% to 4.0% from my best lender for franchised childcare centers, or 3.5% to 4.25% for independent childcare centers and franchised centers that don’t meet the requirements of my best lender for franchised. (Rates are as of August, 2021)
  • If you currently have a conventional commercial loan on your childcare center, Childcare Brokers can help you:
    • Refinance into a loan that has an interest rate that is fixed at one low rate for an entire 20 years.
    • Refinance your loan to significantly reduce your monthly loan payments with a loan term of 20 to 30 years. This also eliminates future closing costs associated with refinancing a conventional commercial loan every 5 to 10 years.
  • If you are looking to finance an acquisition of a successful childcare center, Childcare Brokers can help you finance the purchase for as low as 3.5% (SBA 504 loan) or Prime Rate +1.75% (5.0%) (SBA 7(a) loan) for independent centers, or a lower interest rate for franchised childcare centers and owners with multiple childcare centers.

If you have a variable interest rate loan, interest rates are at a all time low rate, so now is the time to refinance. We can save you substantially money over the long term by refinancing your variable rate loan into a fixed interest rate loan.

Lenders consider most childcare centers as “Special Use Property” (an unique property that restricts its utility to the use for which it was built without expensive modifications), and therefore most lenders will only lend a lower amount, or offer a higher interest rate than loans for “General Use Property” (a property that can be used for a variety of purposes). We know the lenders who lend to childcare centers!

Expert In Childcare Centers Can Increase Approvals
Childcare Brokers is the only advisor with an in-depth knowledge of the business aspects of the childcare industry that connects childcare center owners to commercial loans. Childcare Brokers increase the likelihood of lender approvals by using lenders who will say “Yes” to childcare center loans, and help childcare center owners secure low interest rates and good terms from lenders.

Easier To Finance
Refinancing & financing a childcare center can take a great deal of time. It can take the childcare owner away from operating her/his business to research and locate the best lenders with great interest rates, prepare the information that will convince lenders to actually give you low rates, and negotiate good terms. We save the childcare center owner time, energy, and money and allow the business owner to concentrate on running their childcare center.

Our loan products include: SBA 7(a); 504 loans, United States Department of Agriculture Business & Industry (USDA B&I) loans, and Conventional Commercial Real Estate loans; for preschools, daycare centers, Montessori schools, childcare centers, and other private for-profit schools.

On a national basis, when you are looking to finance a childcare center, Childcare Brokers can help you secure the SBA, USDA B&I, or commercial loan that fits your needs. Since 1993, we have helped clients finance their businesses, so we bring a high level of financing expertise. If you are tired of talking to bankers that in the end are not going to competitively lend to the childcare industry, or just don’t seem to understand your request, try talking to us, the childcare lending experts. We understand your childcare business.

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