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Sell Childcare Centers
We have the expertise in selling childcare centers to ensure you receive maximum value for your center at the closing table. Step by step, we help you prepare and present your childcare center for the best possible outcome. Our approach to marketing and selling your childcare center business ensures the best buyer selection and provides you the best representation to get the deal done properly.

Buy Childcare Centers
We know childcare centers. If you want to buy a childcare center and have never bought a business before, we can help you.

Childcare Center Business Valuations
You Can’t Plan Appropriately If You Don’t Know What Your Business Is Worth! For many small business owners, 80% of their net worth is tied-up in their business. For Childcare Center owners thinking of retirement planning, one of the first steps is to understand what price their business will sell for. Many business owners are shocked by their business value when they decide to sell. While most have a value goal in mind, few actually determine its current value until it is too late to do anything about it. For example, if you have determined that you need to sell your childcare center for $2 million to retire in the style you want to, yet it is only currently worth $1.5 million, then you need to start setting the right benchmarks now, and implementing value enhancing improvements to reach your future business value goal.

Childcare Center Financing and Refinancing
If you are looking to obtain the financing to acquire another childcare center, buy your first center, or refinance an existing childcare center to get more favorable terms; but do not know where to start… Call us…We know where to go to find the funds.

If you approach lenders unprepared, you may face 1) rejection, 2) a lower loan amount than you need, 3) a higher interest rate then you want, or 4) other loan terms that are not as favorable as possible. We first prepare the information needed by lenders, and then review them with our lending channels to ensure you approach the ideal lending sources with the best possible loan application presentation.

Exit Planning – i.e. What Should You Do in The Years Before Selling Your Childcare Center?
At some point, every business owner leaves his or her business – by the owner’s choice or otherwise. The key is to know when to sell. We understand that there are many personal and business issues that effect your timing decision to sell.

Is selling your business important to you and your family’s goals in the next few years? Should you sell your business now or in a few years? Issues include:

  • If you do not have the same focus, intensity, and passion for managing the day-to-day details of the business as you had when you were growing the business, will the business suffer and its value suffer?
  • Are you willing to continue with the intrinsic risks of business ownership that can reduce its value? (Risks include: economic slow down, key employees leaving, new competitors, fewer young children in the area, declining health …)
  • Will growing the business for a few years before selling it really make you much more money than if you sell now?

These questions are almost misleadingly simple to ask, but to answer them requires thought and action on your part.

Do you find yourself thinking about getting out of your business? Are you wondering how to groom a successor? Is passing your company on to your children becoming increasingly unlikely? Are you getting tired of fighting the alligators and want a different challenge?

If you are interested in selling your company, now or in the future, please call or e-mail us at your convenience to confidentially explore your options. We will provide information about the current status of the business sale marketplace for childcare centers, the process of selling a business, an approximate market value of your company, and techniques to save taxes on a business sale – all to help you arrive at a decision.

Business Value Enhancement for Childcare Center Owners
This service is closely tied to all of the above services, but also includes taking an active ongoing role in increasing the value of your childcare centers. Primarily, this service is directed to owners of multiple childcare centers.

Converting Your Work into Wealth.
You have worked hard to build your business. Your company is likely your greatest asset. That’s why, when it comes time to grow by acquisition or sell your childcare center company, you should choose an Business Broker firm focused on childcare companies like yours. Childcare Brokers’ mission is to enable childcare center businesses to realize the value of their business.

As one of the few Business Brokers firms in Georgia focused on the childcare industry, we apply our 19+ years of expertise and knowledge of buyers to deliver three key values: fast introduction to buyers, best terms and value, and greatest certainty of deal closure. We understand the childcare industry, so we speak your language and recognize your company’s best selling points. 770-410-7582

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