8 Reasons to Get a Childcare Center Loan

Childcare Brokers Can Help You Secure A Loan To:

  • Refinance your existing childcare center:
    • To lower your interest rate or monthly debt service payments
    • To eliminate your current lender’s requirements of personal collateral (like your home) and/or life insurance.
  • If you are currently leasing a building, and you need financing to buy that building; or, to buy a nearby building close enough so that the majority of your kids will make the transfer to the new building.
  • Buy out your partner(s)
  • Acquisition of an operating childcare center(s)
  • Start-up a childcare center (only for franchised centers, high-net-worth borrowers, or existing childcare center owners)
  • Make a building expansion or improvements to your childcare center
  • Secure working capital or growth capital for your existing childcare center

Also, If you want to sell your childcare center (which is doing well) to your current director, we can help finance the director with as little as 5% down from the director, as long as you provide seller financing of at least 10% of the purchase price.

Childcare Brokers works best in those lending situations where the loan amount is $500,000 to $10,000,000. We help childcare clients throughout the nation.

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