This well-established EDUCATION CENTERED day care is licensed for 189 children. The current enrollment is 120 children which includes 60 children with the Georgia Pre-K program and 36 children in the after school program. The center is located on wooded 2.89 acres and includes an attractive 13,600 sq. feet building with well-maintained private playgrounds and a manicured lawn. The center is near three elementary schools and has two vans for transporting children. The purchase price includes both the business and real estate.

When the current own bought the business, she wanted to concentrate on education for children age three and up with a private kindergarten. As a first step of this she eliminated the rooms for infant and toddlers, the second step was to be adding a private kindergarten. However, before the kindergarten was added, the owner’s husband transferred to California so she has been alternating living in California for two weeks then living in Georgia for two weeks and did not have time to put in the kindergarten. With the limited amount of time she has been available to work in the business, the owner has not had the time to market the business properly. Four classrooms are not being used.

There is very little marketing done. There is a new 70 upscale home subdivision planed for across the street.

The day care is conveniently located near the intersection of two major traffic arteries. The center gets several children from parents working at a very large office complex nearby.

The center is located in a growing upper class neighborhood. According to the US Census Department, the number of children in the area age 0 to 4 is expected to grow 21% between over the next 5 years. The number of children age 5 to 9 is expected to grow by 17%.

Sales Owner’s Cash Flow
Current year $524k $189k
Previous year $523k $186k
2 years ago $552k $196k

The Owner is looking to sell the business because she wants to move to where her husband is living.

PRICE: $1,725,000

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